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❏   Basketball Sessions for boys & girls

●      Group A: Boys and girls 8-12 years old

●      Group B: Girls 13-19  years old

●      Group C: Unified basketball with athletes from Special Olympics Mali

●      Camp Lapantha All-Star Game


❏   Coaches Clinics


❏   Life skills - Educational

●      Self-esteem / Character

●      Respect / Humility

●      Financial literacy

●      Healthy eating habits


The HMB Foundation will also provide athletic gears and school supplies for all participants.


Through the camps, we will be teaching our vision and setting up the foundations that will lead in the future to the creation of the Lapantha Academy.

Camp Lapantha

❖   The Hamchetou Maiga-Ba Foundation will provide basketball camps in Mali with a focus on teaching basketball and life skills.  The camp will be 3-5 days of teaching and providing educational opportunities not only to the school aged boys & girls, but also to coaches.


❖   The boys & girls will go through basketball drills emphasizing on individual skills, teamwork, sportsmanship, goal setting, self-esteem, work ethic, discipline and winning attitude. They will also have specific educational sessions on use of technology, importance of education, financial literacy and health topics.


❖   The Foundation also aims at partnering with the local coaches associations to foster the trainings of said coaches and ensure that the impact of the camps doesn’t stop after the 3-5 days. Providing access to continued information / trainings to maintain / enhance the level will be a key component in helping our youth take advantage of the opportunities. 


❖   The camp will be led by experienced coaches and players.


❖   Camp Lapantha will promote unified basketball by including Special Olympics Mali’s athletes with intellectual disabilities.



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