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Will Bank Change Damaged Notes

However, if you are looking to exchange more than 20 notes, or notes worth ₹ 5,000 or more, and the bank is unable to give you a refund immediately, the teller can accept them against a receipt. If you need more help or advice about damaged notes, you can visit the Bank of England website here or call the Department of *ahem* Mutilated Notes on 0113 241 0075. Your ATM isn’t just providing your customers with cash, it’s providing a service. Occasionally either in our change or in my case in the business I work in we get handed damaged (torn, defaced, badly worn) bank notes and often just assume that they are useless and cannot be used. However I discovered tonight that it is possible to send them back to the Bank of England and they will then send a cheque for the amount of the damaged note(s).

Will Bank Change Damaged Notes - Rowan Casino

Will Bank Change Damaged Notes - Rowan Casino

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